Ndabe is also a published author of two books titled "A Destructive way of Living" and "Beyond Addiction"
Both his books were published in 2021; he also writes and publishes articles and columns for newspapers, 
his websites and social media platforms. 
A Destructive Way of Living
Published: March 2021
In this, his first book, Ndabezinhle guides readers through the grim reality of the hazard of drug addiction in a series of chilling stories told to offer hope and support to other victims struggling with the disease of addiction. 

It is a difficult story to narrate, but when someone dares all the odds to tell us the truth, it becomes a veritable source of inspiration and uplifting guide for people battling with similar problems; it also provides a soothing indulgent to cope with the emotional hurdles besetting family members of the addict. 
The book offers profound insight into the unimaginable havoc that the various forms of addiction has caused and continue to cause in the society, extending solutions to those still traversing the dark path. Not only has Ndabezinhle survived hell after losing all he has worked for, he amazingly lived to tell the story, forging a path to a life worth living. 
Beyond Addiction
Published: October 2021
The second book is designed for all those who might be feeling like a failure in just about everything they do because of the adverse effect of their addiction.

Do you wish for a successful recovery from the negative consequences of this harrowing ailment, to find meaning in your life, and to restore hope, trust and dignity? If the answer is yes, this book provides a road map for better recovery from your addiction.
Those living with the disease of addiction often feel misplaced, confused and weary, and most family members do not know where to turn for support and guidance when a child, parent or spouse is afflicted with this disturbing ailment. This book offers helpful insight and new perspective about substance use disorder and recovery from addiction. 
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