Ndabezinhle was born in uMlazi, a township located in the south of Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.
His family later moved to a middle-class suburb called Yellow Wood Park, also located in the south of Durban where he spent most of his childhood and even his early adult life. 

He has a family of his own with children and in addition to being an activist and a published author, he holds a degree in civil engineering and he is a consulting engineer and a businessperson. 

He holds various executive and non-executive positions in diverse and different firms that do inter alia architecture, Interior design, space and property development and management, new & renewable energy projects and technologies.

Ndabezinhle made good strides both in the public and the private sectors as a general employee, an executive and a business person. 

He enjoyed good successes in his career, and personal matters. However, his life was filled with unhappiness and antipathy. 

He was born with the gene of addiction. It took a lot of devastation and discomfort to him and his family for him to truly embrace and accept that he has an addiction and that he needed help.  
Ndabezinhle struggled with addiction for 13 years. He says, “What started as a silly and a childish choice to experiment with drugs and alcohol later turned out to have been the worst decision of his life. At the end of his active addiction, he had to use drugs just to survive and “feel normal”. 
“Addiction took away my life from me, right under my nose. I started looking back and trying to understand myself and my illness better. I did a lot of reading and research, I talked to a lot of people; medical professional, academics, religious people, other recovering addicts etc. Between reading, making notes and talking to others and myself, a long story short is I ended up with a full manuscript and my writing career was began”. 
Ndabezinhle says had he known about the real effects of drugs, he would have never experienced with them at all!

He says writing, active participation in helping others who still struggle with addiction allows him to express and apply his mind, and attract reaction that aligns with how he wants to live his life now.
A lot of people are clueless about the disease of addiction, even those who know something about it are in denial and dumbstricken when it first hits them. They don’t think it can be them too. No one wants to be known to have an inability to manage their life. “I used to be like this too, my family and friends also used to be like this as well”.  
Recovery from addiction
Like most addicts, Ndabezinhle had to dig deep and get uncomfortable to overcome his addictions and regain his life. He had to hit rock bottom before taking his illness and most importantly his recovery seriously. 
Ndabezinhle went to several addiction treatment centres and he relapsed many times. When he finally got it right, it did not end there, he kept improving and documenting his progress and this is what defines his literature, written or spoken. His addiction recovery work is characterized by his individual experiences in active use and his current life in recovery and doing well at it. 

Unavoidably Ndabezinhle had and still has “so called” friends and even family who need help or who knows someone who does. When one regains charge of their life, people can see it. People started realizing that what Ndabezinhle was doing for himself was working and working well. 

He started sharing his strategy with others and he started offering help to them. General community members, friends and even family were using his recovery strategy and with his help they were seeing good changes in their lives. This has grown to become this source of hope, comfort and support called TheGoodNews for so many now.
Becoming an author, an addiction activist and intervening where there is a need has been more than just a career. “It is a natural action to ensure my survival,” says Ndabe. “Firstly, life can be lonely and pathetic in addiction recovery. 
I need to do this to keep my sanity and a life with purpose. 
Addiction caused devastation to my life and it is my illness so “I” had to make the changes and improvements that “I” want to see in my life. It is personal for me, not just a job choice”.  
Secondly, “I would have never come this far in my recovery without good help from others. I know many people who need help and they don’t even know it. It is my duty to assist myself but to also assist others who cannot help themselves, just like I was helped when I could not help myself in the past”.   
Making a choice to follow this career path and subsequently legitimizing and making it profitable has been my response to a need to sustain the business and give it meaning, for myself and also to meaningfully reach to many more people who need it. Besides this, It keeps me grounded and always reminded me why I should live my life in this new and improved way of living. A life that I am in control of!  
Ndabezinhle, a native of KwaZulu-Natal and a South African, was a long-time alcohol, cocaine and crack cocaine addict, and he experimented with other substances in between these main addictions. His drug of choice kept changing, a true characteristic of someone living with addiction. Depending on drugs and alcohol just to survive became the new regular for him, his normal was abnormal for normal people. 
Ndabezinhle lost as many jobs as the number of years that he was in active addiction. He had to lose things that he treasured and that he had worked hard for, his mental and physical health were negatively affected and there are social, financial and even legal issues and repercussions that people who are in recovery have to deal with. He had to unlearn a lot of things and learn many new things and this was hard and exhausting. 
Addiction is a chronic illness and a generational disease that cannot be cured but it can be managed. If it is not dealt with it intensifies, it gets out of hand and this was the case with him. Ndabezinhle is a simple example and testimony that addiction is real but also that there is life beyond addiction, and a life that can be full of meaningful fun and purpose, but you need to work it. The good news is that now he can even help you and your loved ones to achieve what he and many other have achieved.
He has a solution that is practical for everyone and anyone living with the disease of addiction. He has designed programs and interventions that can pretty guarantee recovery from addiction when one is ready to. More and more people are using his techniques and the feedback is amazing!!
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